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Windows Vista- Ipod music to laptop?

Question by itscaitlinnnn: Windows Vista- Ipod music to laptop?
I just got a new laptop for my birthday. I wanted to put the music from my ipod onto my new computer. Ive read a few way how but none seem to work with windows vista OS. Does anyone know how I could do this?

Or, if you know how to get music from my desktop to my laptop, I will take that information too. Either works. I just need my music on here.

Thanks :]

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Answer by man290663@btinternet.com
Why do people assume that the ipod is a music backup system – its NOT!

the Master files are on the computer in the itunes library and you really need to back these up directly.
Thats NOT they way its designed to work the ipod is a slave device to ONE itunes only although itunes can have many ipods. When you PAIR an iPod with a computer it erases all songs on it!!! and deletes pairing with original computer.

Sharing music is also illegal!

You cannot transfer music from an ipod to itunes as Itunes is the MASTER location of the music files. if you NEED to transfer music form your ipod to the computer as you have lost the original you need a 3rd party application (I use Yamipod for mac) but a whole range can be found on www.versiontracker.com and enter ipod transfer in the search box under your operating system.

I suggest copying the contents of the “iTunes Music” folder on your old computer onto the new one by USB hard disk, USB Flash memory or DVD-r

once you have the utility installed run it and close itunes! connect the ipod (if itunes starts up and asks if you want to pair say NO and close itunes again). then with the utility transfer the songs form the ipod to your hard disk.

Then disconnect the ipod, START itunes… drop the files you have just transferred onto the itunes Library and once the files have been copied into the library you can delete the originals (NEVER MOVE or touch the itunes folder on your computer otherwise you will lose the music let itunes manage it for you).

Now reconnect the ipod and when it asks pair say YES and it will transfer the music to your computer.

if doing this with 2 computers you have to do this on both!!

ALso for laptops some ipods may not sync or charge because of the USB ports… Make sure you have a full power USB connection (many laptops and keyboard connectors only give 100mA max rather than the full 500mA, also do not connect via an unpowered hub either.

connect it direct to the computer on a full power USB port or via a powered hub (mains transformer connected to it) and it should be OK.

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