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Why is my Ipod touch not syncing new music or videos?

Question by cookies.kreme: Why is my Ipod touch not syncing new music or videos?
I have 32g ipod touch. I recently added new music and videos to my itunes but nothing was transferred to my itouch. When I press the sync button it says synchronizing and backing up but nothing but the original stuff is on the touch. I have tried restoring the ipod touch but then my applications are deleted.

All my music and videos are in the right format.

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Answer by Alice
When you plug your itouch into the computer itunes should appear and your itouch’s page should come up too. At the top of that page there should be a bunch of blue tabs, called applications, podcasts, movies, music etc. Click on the movie/video tab and click the check box that says sync music videos. If that doesnt work go to the music tab and see if there is a check box that says include/sync music videos. If that doesn’t work scroll through your playlists under the music tab and make sure the “music video” playlist has a check in the checkbox. Hopefully one of these will work for you!!

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