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where is my ipod music stored?

Question by pooteo1: where is my ipod music stored?
where is my ipod music stored?
why does my ipod lose songs?yesterday i listened to a playlist, and an hour later it was gone. there was only one song left, i did not hook it up to my computer by the way.
How come when i hook it up to my computer. it doesn’t sync all the songs on my itunes,example is, i have a list callled 80′s with about 20 songs when i sync only one song appears.
if i have more then 1 ipod can i have more then 1 itunes?if not how does that work?do i need to buy another computer..that would be stupid.
thanks for all your help

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Answer by Cruz’N Girl
in itunes, just go to your music section under library on the left hand side column. on the ipod, go to music and find the song your looking for under playlist, artist, album, genre, or the songs library itself where it will list your entire music library. when you connect your ipod, make sure that change your preferences (that’s the word i’m looking for! i keep saying something else. i totally blank on that word) anyway, change your preferences to sync all songs. and ALL your songs should be on the ipod the next time you update the ipod. also, you songs may not sync because it’s not an mp3 file, the file is corrupted, or itunes can’t find the original song file in yout documents area. make sure you have the original song file and it is an mp3 file and sync it again and it should be there.
uh…so many questions….my motto is one ipod per computer. its less complicated. but its possible. i don’t you think you need more than one itunes. you might need more than one playlist to sync into each others ipod. y’know? seperate playlist that you’ll have and the other ipod will have.
if you have another computer, use it and do the one ipod per comp thing. if you don’t, then don’t worry about it. you can have two ipods on one computer. its possible but complicated.

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