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recover my iPod Touch without losing music?

Question by Shadowlord: recover my iPod Touch without losing music?
k so im dealing with a problem, i was instructed to install a new update for my iPod Touch and so there was an error and my iTouch is now stuck in recovery mode (shows the USB charger then an arrow pointing to iTunes icon) and in order for it to function i have to recover or format my iTouch…as in i lose 1,800 thousand songs that i dont have on my computer!!!
how can i work around this you seriously cant say i have to completly restart my ipod cuse of a stupid error? what kind of bs is that?
ummm oops not 1,800 thousand…just 1,800 songs
well i could easly recover it with itunes, downloading another program is not necessary i was just curious if could find a way around it so i could keep my music

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Answer by devildoll
Unfortunately doing a standard restore on an iPod Touch will cause you to loose all data on your iPod. The downside of the iPod Touch and iPhone is that unlike other iPods you cannot use them as a hard drive which makes recovery of the music on your iPod Touch very difficult.
Here are a few sites that offer ways to recover the music from an iPod Touch. Hopefully one of these methods will work for you.




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