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Putting music on IPod touch?

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Question by Michael: Putting music on IPod touch?
I first sank my iPod touch in my friends computer and when I plug my iPod touch into my computer and try to drag sertain music to my iPod music file it won’t let me. Why won’t it let me put on my iPod? I know there’s a way to fix it but idk how pls help!!!!

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Answer by Sidney Liu
If your first sync was made on a computer other than your own, then you have two options.

1. Re-sync the iPod, to your own computer this time. This will allow you to easily manage music and movies from now on.
What you need to do is select the option to sync the iPod with your computer, making sure you have media on iTunes. Then sync.

2. Manually manage music – this way you can drag and drop music from as many different iTunes libraries as you want, including your friends computers.
Select the option to manually manage music and videos, and then you can drag and drop music into your iPod.

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