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Problems copying music to iPod Touch on secondary computer?

Question by StainlessSteelRat: Problems copying music to iPod Touch on secondary computer?
Hi folks,

I’m currently abroad with a laptop, running XP SP3. The laptop has the latest version of iTunes on it, logged into my iTunes Store account. Automatic sync is turned off in Preferences > Devices.

I have bought some CD’s here that I want to copy onto two iPods.

The first iPod is mine, a 5G 80Gb Classic, and I have been able to copy music onto it without issue.

The second iPod is my wife’s 16GB Touch, but I cannot copy any music onto it. The music library shows in iTunes in grey, which suggests to me something is up. If I try and drag music from from the iTunes library onto it, the cursor changes to a “stop” sign, and it won’t copy.

Any ideas what the issue is here?


Best answer:

Answer by Alex D
If the iPod touch is set to sync all music from the main computer it is on, it is difficult to add new music on another new computer.
When in iTunes, try going into the iPod’s sync tab, and select the option to choose all your music manually, then don’t delete the music currently on there. You won’t be able to transfer music from the device to your computer, but you should be able to transfer from the iTunes music library and drag it onto the Touch.
If it’s a 2nd generation touch, ensure that you are running iTunes 8 on your computer.
You would most likely be able to transfer music to your 80GB classic, as it has always been set to sync your entire music library to your iPod. I also had this problem when i started using my touch after an 80GB 5.5G and a 160GB 6G.
Hope this helps =]

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