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Music Videos on ipod touch?

Question by šᴑρɦɨɑ: Music Videos on ipod touch?
I just got an ipod touch and I have some music videos downloaded but when I try to drag them into the movies section it says it could not be copied because it can not be played on this ipod. How do I fix that ? I have a mac if it helps

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Answer by anming_questions
Convert your video to mpeg-4/mp4 format. I recommand u to use ‘Video DVD To iPod Converter’ .you can download it from http://www.videoconvertergold.com .

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  1. apple
    May 19th, 2014 at 06:57 | #1

    Go to the iPod Summary tab (when it is connected), then go to Movies (i think), then check the box saying so it will sync all music videos.

    However, if the files won’t work in iTunes, it’s probably because it isn’t a valid format. You will have to convert it using a program like iSquint. Hope this helps!

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