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Music for iPod touch ?

Question by JB<3: Music for iPod touch ?
I know there’s apps for music to put in your iPod touch but I was wondering if there was any apps that let u download music and it goes directly into to “music folder” on the iPod touch(the orange one with the music symbol tht came with the iPod when u first bought it). Please n thank u.

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Answer by Javier Carrera
MewSeek but you need to have a jailbroken ipod.

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  1. Common Sense
    May 12th, 2014 at 07:49 | #1

    No, there is not an app to do that. You can transfer it from the 3rd party music app to the pre-installed music app via iTunes, though. Here are the instructions:

    1. Connect your device to your iTunes.
    2. Choose your device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) under ‘Device’ on the left-hand side of iTunes
    3. Go to the Apps tab on the top
    4. Scroll down your screen to the bottom of the page
    5. Select the app you downloaded the music in on the File Sharing Apps section
    6. Drag-and-drop files and folders from the downloading app documents section to your desktop
    7. Drag-and-drop the songs from the desktop to iTunes Library

    (here is a picture to help even more: http://apps2be.com/idownloaderpro/startpage/img/screens/import_FAQ.png )

    If you need anymore help, Email me at APaulus1996@gmail.com

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