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Is it possible to transfer music from my iPod touch?

Question by Amanda: Is it possible to transfer music from my iPod touch?
To my cell phone. I have a sony ericcson walkman phone and I want to put music I have already purchased on my iPod touch to my phone. Is it possible and if so how?

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Answer by Smitty
Not directly, but if you export songs through iTunes into a folder and from the folder import into your phone, i’m sure it’d work.

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  1. EpicNinja
    June 23rd, 2014 at 07:42 | #1

    First, connect your iPod Touch into your computer. Then, look in the removable disks (find the list in My Computer) and find the one that your Touch is in, & copy the folders. Paste it onto your Desktop for now. Plug your Sony into the computer, and find which removable disk its in, and cut the folder you pasted on your Desktop, and paste it into that removable disk. Voila. :)

    Ps; if your phone doesn’t have a cord to connect to the computer, you’ll need to transfer it via Bluetooth if your phone has it. Read some articles on how to do this. (Google: Transferring data from computer to phone using Bluetooth)(Or, read your phone manual)

  2. Adam
    June 23rd, 2014 at 08:16 | #2

    like smitty said you have to transfer them from your Ipod to a computer and then to your phone. This can probably be done by copying and pasting songs directly from your itunes library to a specific folder on your phone. However i know some phones require certain music files types and also certain software to install songs. Also if you have any songs on itunes that were purchased before the itunes store went to DRM free content or ”itunes plus” you won’t be able to play them on any other MP3 device other than an ipod or iphone.

    On another note to transfer songs from an ipod or iphone onto a computer you need to select manually manage music and video when you connect your ipod to a computer. This will make sharing songs with friends and/or transferring songs between multiple computers much easier.

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