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Ipod Touch Won’t Download All My Songs?

Question by leigh: Ipod Touch Won’t Download All My Songs?
So, my computer crashed a little while ago, but I got it working again and I had to download Itunes and all my music back onto it. Well, sometimes it downloads the songs to my Ipod and sometimes it doesn;t and vice versa. I hope this makes sense, but I really need to know how to get all my music on my Ipod and on my Itunes.

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Answer by supp.
I know this probably won’t help, but my sister’s iPod touch is acting the same way. All the music is on iTunes but it wont download all of it on her iPod. It skips a lot of songs.

One reason this might be happening is if you move the music to a different folder on your computer. If you move the music to another folder, iTunes will not know and won’t sync to your ipod. ITunes will search in the original folder and not find it in there. You’ll know that’s happening if you click a song in iTunes that hasn’t synced to your iPod. If you click on the song and an exclamation mark pops up, that means it can’t find it. You have to click on it and press search for folder or something and then show the new folder. Hope this helps.

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