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iPod touch music transfer problem?

Question by eyaegs: iPod touch music transfer problem?
I got an iPod in August… I synced it with my own computer. Sadly, about a week ago, my computer crashed. Again. For the last time. There was nothing I could do about it, so I decided to sync my ipod with my Dad’s computer (Which has a fair amount of good music on it anyway). I read how you plug in your iPod, then you can transfer the music on it to another computer. I even bought 3d party software at Target to help. The problem is, when I plug in my ipod, the computer does not recognize it as a drive. It shows up in iTunes, but not on My Computer or even the 3d party software.
My question is, is this a problem with the new iPod touches, or is it a problem with the computer. If there is a problem, what can I do to correct it?

Many thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by karl_blessing
The new devices (iPod Touch, iPod nano 4th generation, iPhones) will not show up as a drive on computers as they no longer are treated like external harddrives. Instead they’re like little linux machines that communicate directly with iTunes (or via SSH if you got a jailbroken 1st generation ipod Touch).

So as a result most third party software such as anapod (my favorite prior to owning a touch) and so forth will not work with the Touch, iPhone or the newest Nano.

Also if you manage to get the music files off the iPod Touch (such as with the iPhone browser), if any of them are iTunes purchases you will not be able to add them to your Dad’s itunes because his account is not authorize to play/transfer the content, the same with the applications.

You can however install iTunes on a new computer or your repaired one, go up to “Store” then “Authorize” then tell it to transfer your purchases to itunes. It’ll only transfer purchases such as the apps and itunes store music. The rest won’t get transferred.

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