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iPod touch music to MacBook?

Question by minasayshello: iPod touch music to MacBook?
My MacBook computer recently crashed, and I lost everything. I have all my music an pictures on my 2nd generation iPod touch, and i desperately need a program, or a way to copy my music to my computer (right now it’s being fixed at the apple store) without losing any of it from my iPod. HELP!

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Answer by Jim A
The most convenient and secure way is to use an iPod-to-mac transfer program to help you. This is how I did. I used 4Media iPod to Mac Transfer. http://gutensoft.com/Utilities/4Media-iPod-to-Mac-Transfer.html

It can help easily transfer all music, photos, videos, podcast, and TV shows on your iPod Touch back to Mac completely and safely, and add them to your local iTunes library. Also, you can use it to transfer files from iPod to iTunes or from Mac to iPod.

The great thing is that it won’t cause any deletion of any files while transferring, because: when this Transfer program is launched, it will modify the automatic synchronization of music/video to manual synchronization between iPod and iTunes.

It even has step-by-step guide. Hope it helps.

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