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Ipod Touch, Music Sync Help!!?

Question by love_peace_asia: Ipod Touch, Music Sync Help!!?
So I recently had to do a system restore on my computer, and I lost all my music and everything I downloaded, so today I re downloaded I tunes and got some new music, so as I go to sync the music on my Ipod Touch, it tells me that the only way I can get the music on my I touch is for all existing music thats in my Ipod touch to be erased!! Is there any other way, I can get the music on here, without having to delete my whole library

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Answer by NONE
Syncing makes the iPod content match that of the library it’s synced with, therefore if you sync, anything on the iPod that isn’t in the iTunes library will be deleted. Don’t sync. Check Manually Manage Music and Videos on the Summary Pane. Drag and drop to add. Right click and choose Delete to remove. Learn more about managing and backing up content in your user guide at Apple.com/support and in iTunes Help and Tutorials.

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  1. Vieeledwerw D
    March 23rd, 2014 at 07:08 | #1

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  2. Dicke
    March 23rd, 2014 at 07:36 | #2

    I advise you to use this way. Really save time.
    Go to iPod-tool.com and download the iPod to PC transfer software called Tansee iPod Transfer to help you backup all your iPod songs and videos.
    The advantage lies in that it utilizes iPod’s internal database to display your iPod’s files instantly. That means, when you connect your iPod to PC, this program will automatically display all music/videos on your iPod. Once click “Copy” button, all files would be copied onto your selected folder on your PC.

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