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ipod touch help with music?

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so when i plug in my ipod and click under the devices tab on it, it try to go on the music tab to look at my music, but all that comes up is something that says sync music and a bunch of options. how can i see my music to delete a song?

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Answer by gomakemeasandwich
The screen that you’re referring to pops up whenever an iPod is plugged into a computer with iTunes on it. That is an overview screen, and you can’t change much at that screen, despite all of the horizontal tabs that you see there.

On the left side of the iTunes program your iPod Touch tab should be in the area of the Library, iTunes Store, Playlists, etc. The iPod Touch tab will have the name of your iPod Touch (in other words, whatever you named it when you set it up) with a little eject button to the right of it and a triangle button to the left of it.

Click on the triangle button and several subtabs should appear underneath the iPod Touch tab (the little triangle should be pointing down). These subtabs will be labeled: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and maybe a few other ones (playlists if you have any). Click on the Music subtab and all of your songs should appear where the songs are normally displayed in iTunes.

Use the little search box at the top right corner to search for the song, and once you find it, right click it and choose delete (I’m assuming you’re on a Windows machine).

Unfortunately, you can’t delete the song right from the iPod Touch; it has to be connected to a computer.

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