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iPod songs download?

Question by Pookie!: iPod songs download?
Where can I download songs for my iPod without slowing down my computer?

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Answer by erocknizzle
ITunes is the best one for an Ipod. If you download Itunes no major damage will happen to your computer and no damage happened to mine. If you do download it then it is extremely easy to sync them onto your ipod from your computer all you do is create a playlist and put that on ur ipod. I download my songs from Limewire though it is really easy to hack through though but it is worth it because it doesnt slow down your computer but it does sometimes take a while to find the songs (by a while i mean like a minute) but thats it.

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  1. Quick Music
    June 1st, 2014 at 19:57 | #1

    Few options for download music to your iPod/iPod Touch below:

    Free – Limewire.com and bearshare.com

    - You need to share your available music on the site to allow download of free music.
    - illegal site which violating the Copyright Act
    - Lot of spyware and virus. Your files and system and facing risk of infecting with it and crash anytime.

    Pay Per Song download – Itunes

    - Per music at $ 0.99, movies/games start from $ 5
    - Full compatible with iPod/iPod Touch
    - For certain country only, i.e. USA, UK.

    Review at http://www.apple.com/itunes

    Membership Site – iPod Download Pro

    - Membership site. One-time fee for lifetime membership. For all countries
    - Unlimited download of million of music, movies, games and videos.
    - No risk of virus for downloading music, movies, games and videos.
    - Full technical support provided for members.

    Review at http://www.squidoo.com/ipoddownload

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