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Ipod question about downloading songs?

Question by tooter: Ipod question about downloading songs?
I’m thinking about getting an Ipod touch to down load songs from soul seek. However, I’m confused about the itunes thing. I don’t care about downloading it cuz I don;t think I’ll ever want it for my music. Is it a mandatory requirement?
I’m currently using cheap mp3 players. I just down load soul seek songs and simply transfer them from my computer to the player. Is an Ipod not this easy. Will it cause viruses?
Can someone please explain about this itunes thing?
Am I supposed to have it jailbroken or whatever that means?

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Answer by `chris
Ok so for regular cheap mp3s, you can just transfer the song from your computer music folder onto your player. its pretty easy. but an ipod works differently

for any kind of ipod, you first have to put the song onto the program iTunes, and then from there sync your ipod.its not that bad. instead of dragging your music and putting them in the player directly, youre dragging them and putting them into the iTunes program. iTunes is basically like a library where all your music is going to be stored and kept.

then, when you connect your ipod to your computer, on the itunes program there will be a button called “sync”. this basically means to put all the songs in your itunes library onto your ipod. so when you hit the sync button, all the songs you have on iTunes is put onto your ipod. its just an extra step in uploading your music onto your music player.

it is a mandatory requirement actually for all ipod users. there is some kind of way to access music on your ipod without itunes, but it is longer and more troublesome, the best and mandatory way is to use iTunes.

iTunes is basically like another windows media player– but to store all the stuff on your ipod— applications, videos, etc.

About jailbreaking: ipods are very limited in how you can customize them– you cant really change the style of how your homescreen and stuff look on your ipod. by jailbreaking your ipod, your pretty much breaking those boundaries and your letting your ipod be customizable.

if you jailbreak your ipod, you can download different themes and set ups in order to make your ipod more unique. if you jailbreak your ipod, you lose your warranty apparently, but you can just restore your ipod if anytihng goes wrong (to restore your ipod means to set it back to default settings, as it was in the factory)

you dont have to jailbreak it, its an option. just google “jailbreak” and you can find out more about it.

good luck and hope you enjoy your ipod, its definetly ddifferent than regular mp3s

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  1. cody perry
    March 30th, 2014 at 07:18 | #1

    you wont get viruses. and no you dont have to use itunes.

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