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Ipod-Music transfer to iTunes?

Question by winniethepoohx347: Ipod-Music transfer to iTunes?
If you download & use that [legal] program where you can transfer your ipod music to your itunes, can that bring your computer viruses? Like if you got a new computer, & your old one had viruses [due to use of limewire] & you transfer all the songs from your ipod onto your new computer, will it give it those same viruses? I don’t use limewire anymore.

btw, I have an anti-virus/anti-spyware program.

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Answer by iā™„NiCK JONAS
**an iPod is like a storage device, like an USB and all ur stuff is in there, but HIDDEN! and by following my steps ur simply unhiding stuff :D follow these steps:

1) connect ur iPod to ur PC

2) open my computer > Apple iPod (disk)

3) type in the adress toolbar of the folder : “iPod_Control”

4) then it will open an empty folder or it may contain tones/gamestats

5) dont open them, just type in the toolbar agan: “Music”

6) right click in Any space and make sure the “Hidden” place in un-checked…..

7) ull c folders named F14 – F28 – and many more ;)
8) open them, and there r all ur videos + music!! the names might be “DZUG” or “SIMF” but never mind that….!

9) copy eeeeeeeeverything into r hard drive or any folder in ur PC

10) from there, drag the songs (called GHDD or whatever) into ur iTunes


*make sure u follow step #9 carefully….u HAVE TO save the music files somwhere else in ur PC (dont just drage the stuff from the iPod disk directly to iTunes)

PS i do this for my iPod nano and i have Windows XP – so if it doesnt work then probably cuz ur using different stuff…
Source (kinda): http://www.cnet.com/1990-7899_1-6477981-1.html < CHECK IT OUT ITS REALLY HELPFUL!


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