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iPod Help!! Music from iPod to Computer?

Question by katlanta: iPod Help!! Music from iPod to Computer?
My computer recently crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. However I haven’t plugged my iPod in and had my music erased. I want to get my music from my iPod onto my computer. I’ve googled this and there are a lot of expensive products that do it, but I’m skeptical. I know my way around a computer pretty well, so any tech help I can probably work out. Free way to do this would be fabulous.
Thanks so much!

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Answer by iā™„NiCK JONAS
*an iPod is just like a storage device – kinda like a USB. so all ur music/videos are in there but hidden — all u need to do is unhide them

*before continuing-make sure u have iTunes ;)

*now just follow these steps:

1) connect ur iPod to ur PC/laptop
2) when iTunes opens up – DON’T CHOOSE THE “erase + sync” option. if iTunes didn’t open don’t worry

3) anyways go to My Computer > Apple iPod (disk) or whatever u named it (my iPod)

4) open it, and open the folder called “iPod_Control”.
if its not their – then go to the Adress bar and type this:


5) it will open and ull find folders called tones,gamestats, or whatever. now right-click in any space and un-check the HIDDEN option..
> “apply changes to this folder, subfoler, and files”

6) then ull see many more folders, including “MUSIC”
if its not there, then type in the Adress Bar:


7) when u opened that folder, ull c other folders called “F-08″/”F-14″/etc.
if they’re not there, then right-click in any space and un-check the “HIDDEN” option..
8) then there are all the folders with your music and videos! don’t worry if the names are “DHSJ” or “FJDS”….

9) all u need to do know is copy eeeeeeeeeeverything into ANOTHER folder on ur desktop or anywhere u want in ur laptop/pc

10) open iTunes, and drag all ur songs/videos FROM THE FOLDER U CREATED ON UR DESKTOP OR ANYWHERE ELSE in the iTunes library. there names will come back!

11) then just sync ur iPod!


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