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import music to itunes from ipod touch?

Question by drew c: import music to itunes from ipod touch?
desk top died with all my songs, purchased and downloaded…still have everything on my ipod touch though….having problem with audio jack on ipod so apple store will give me a new one for the one with all my music on it. but i dont know how to transfer music from my ipod to itunes so i can install all my songs and music on the new ipod

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Answer by pandabear23
you should plug you5r old i pod into your computer and copy the songs into a file on the computer. when you get the new i pod, you have to drag each song to the library. i forgot how i did it, but i read from a question from heere so type it in

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  1. perry
    May 19th, 2014 at 19:50 | #1

    download SHAREPOD, its like iTunes but it doesn’t lock you down to a certain computer.

    go to http://www.getsharepod.com and download it since it’s free. this isn’t a spam message.

    then you can just copy and paste or drag and drop songs from your iPod right onto your PC and you can also install it on other people’s computers and drag and drop songs off their PC to yours its what i use

    GOOD luck :D

  2. Moen Kaeve
    May 19th, 2014 at 20:11 | #2

    In fact, you can use an ipod to computer transfer program to help.I personally use Cucusoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer.It helps me to transfer my songs/videos/photos/playlists etc from ipod to my computer iTunes directly and safely.It works well for me,you can give it a try.
    Free download it at: http://www.dvd-video-soft.com/ipodconverter/ipod-itouch-iphone-transfer.html

    It even has step-by-step guide on the whole process.
    Hope it helps.
    You can use http://www.google.com to search more

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