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How transfer iPod music?

Question by Dom: How transfer iPod music?
My brother recently gave his old iPod to my sister and she wants to add new music to her iPod Classic. How can we put new music on the iPod without losing all other songs?

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Answer by fannle
You can transfer music from your iPod to your sister’s old iPod in a direct way. iPod2iPod is what I use. I often use it to transfer music from my iPod to my friend’s. http://gutensoft.com/Utilities/iPod-2-iPod.htm

It will automatically display all files on both iPods, compare songs against two at once, remove hundreds of duplicates within one iPod in seconds, sort by Artist, Genre, Album, or even grouping of similar songs. All you need to do is simply to drag and drop what you want between iPods.

Give it a try.It even has detailed guide.

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