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How to sync music to my ipod touch?

Question by David23: How to sync music to my ipod touch?
I just got an ipod touch and when I plug it in digital still camera comes up instead of ipod and there is no option to sync music. When I enter I tunes and click sync it starts putting everything I have on the ipod onto the computer and not putting music on the ipod..Please help Thanks

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Answer by I <3 Twilight!
When I was having problems i just downladed the newest version of itunes… hope thats all the problem is and its nothing more!

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  1. Bailey
    May 9th, 2014 at 19:58 | #1

    When you get the digital camera thing just press cancel and open iTunes. When you open iTunes go to your library or playlists or whatever and drag the songs to want to your iPod. If you want to delete songs click the Music button under your iPod and click on the song u want deleted and press delete on your keyboard.

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