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How to preserve ipod music library?

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Question by Spicey: How to preserve ipod music library?
Hi there. Im just about to send my laptop off for repair and i have no idea how to preserve my ipod music library so that when my computer is returned to me i can restore my library back to how it was without deleting any of the tunes or apps off my ipod touch. Can someone please explain to me what steps i should take before sending off the laptop and also what i should do once my (blank) laptop has been returned to me so that my ipod touch stays as it is. Thanks so much!

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Answer by Tyler
save it on to an alternate hard drive. so you can just plug the hard drive in and load your songs back.


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  1. Johnny
    January 1st, 2014 at 07:20 | #1

    You can just go to your ipod in itunes and set everything up to not sync and set it to manually add music then ur computer wont mess with its library

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