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how to download songs to my ipod touch?

Question by Naima: how to download songs to my ipod touch?
i just got a new ipod and its confusing, can somone tell me step by step what to do
my ipod is not new, so i dont have an itunes number, and when i charge it it doesnt come up

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Answer by Franco De lansburg
Easy you need itunes card then you type the password

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  1. Josh A
    June 6th, 2014 at 07:49 | #1

    1. Connect ipod to computer via usb cable

    2. Open up itunes (by default it comes up when you plug the ipod in)

    3.Once you have named your ipod and everything, you can put mp3′s on your computer either into your Itunes library or straight onto the ipod itself, by dragging the mp3 icon onto the name of your ipod. You can also buy and download songs the legit way through the itunes store (but no one does that anymore because you can get free music now from youtube etc). This is called syncing.

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