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how to add music on ipod touch?

Question by rar: how to add music on ipod touch?
how do i add music on my ipod touch using either itunes or limewire. do i have to create a folder? or do i go to my documents and do it from there? thanks for the help:]

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Answer by Nixo
- connect ipod to computer

- go to limewire and to your library..

- drag the songs you want to your desktop..

- open up your ipod folder and drag the songs in there..

or you can drag the songs into a music folder in your ipod folder..

IF it has a music folder.. if not just drag it in your ipod folder..


and hi-5.. LIMEWIRE!!


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  1. Nangz16
    March 4th, 2014 at 19:51 | #1

    what u do, is download songs from limewire. Plug ur ipod into the computer, and wait for ur itunes to recognize the ipod. Wait till it says the name of ur ipod in the left hand column and there are things underneath the name such as videos, music, playlists, and etc. Once u have downloaded and saved (it automatically saves) songs from limewire, Go to itunes, click file, add file. A window should pop up, then browse around the folders until u see limewire. Double clicked, go to saved. Click the song u want to add, then click add file. It should appear in ur itunes library. Edit it, by holding down on the name and artist, if needed. Then highlight the song, and drag it over to where it says the name of ur ipod. A 1, or the number of songs u are dragging should appear in red. When u drag it, let go. Look at ur ipod, it should say sync in progress. DONT DO ANYTHING WHEN THIS HAPPENS. when the message goes away, ur have successfully put songs on ur ipod. Oh ya, to select more songs at once, hold down the ctrl button and click on the songs desired. If u dont know how to use limewire, look up how to use limewire on google.

  2. Eller
    March 4th, 2014 at 20:18 | #2

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