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How do you put some music’s in your iPod touch? details pplease!!?

Question by kaate: How do you put some music’s in your iPod touch? details pplease!!?
Well,im really bad at ipods and stuff like that…i just got a new ipod touch,and i dont know how to download some musics on my ipod….how?
sorry,…again, im really bad at this stuff..thanks!

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Answer by Arda S
you plug in ipod touch with usb to computer
open itunes and you will see your ipods icon on the left
click on the icon
go to music at the top
select either, all music or selected music
then press sync at the bottom

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  1. Tarzan
    March 13th, 2014 at 07:59 | #1

    Syncing Music to iPod

    Syncing music and podcasts automatically

    1. Connect iPod to your computer and open iTunes.

    2. Select iPod in the Devices section on the left side of the iTunes window.

    3. In the main iTunes browser window, select the Music tab.

    4. Select the option to Sync Music.

    5.You have the option to sync all songs and playlists or selected playlists. Your iPod will need to have enough free space to sync the content that you have selected from your library. Tip: You can use the capacity bar at the bottom of the iPod settings window to determine how much free space is available. The size of a playlist can be determined by selecting it and looking at the bottom of the iTunes window.

    6. Click Apply and iTunes will begin syncing the audio content you’ve selected to your iPod. The iTunes LCD will display the sync progress and notify you when the iPod sync is complete.

    7. To disconnect your iPod, select it under Devices and click the eject icon next to it.

  2. drumminandchillin15
    March 13th, 2014 at 08:35 | #2

    First Download itunes if you haven’t made one yet download from here http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ you can get music from buying it at the itunes store but first before you can do that make a account at the top right of the itunes store it will say make a account then buy your music then once you have your music open itunes plug in your ipod check the box for the downloads you want for example it will say Sync all music then check the box do that for each option then click apply and sync and enjoy your ipod any questions just ask! :)

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