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how do you put .mp3 music on an ipod touch?

Question by XDaManWitDaPlanX: how do you put .mp3 music on an ipod touch?
Hello, I am getting an Ipod-Touch for christmas and I was wondering how to put .mp3 songs on an ipod touch!? They are all in a folder under my music. Should I get itunes? thanks please reply

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yes you’ll need itunes and a usb cord plug your ipod into the usb cord and the cord into your computer then it should tell you what to do next if you need more help email me or go inot the faq thingy when u click on my icon.

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  1. av_geek13
    April 21st, 2014 at 19:20 | #1

    i dont think you can, if you buy it off rhapsody, it can convert to itunes but itunes is a diffrent format so i dont think it is compatible with mp3

  2. Rebecca P
    April 21st, 2014 at 19:29 | #2

    You have to get iTunes to put anything on a iPod. You can not use any other platform (the power of Apple). You allow for iTunes to set it’s self up as it likes. The only option you are really allowed is if you want the iTunes to automatically organize your music or if you want to do it manually (I recommend manually). Once it is all set up, drag and drop your music folder into iTunes and it will separate your music into a folder under individual folders. I say don’t mess with it or you have iTunes searching for music and it won’t sync them and then it’s a big old mess. Once it’s all in iTunes you plug in your iPod and sync it. And the touch is beautiful so I do recommend some artwork for your cd’s or movies cause it is a beautiful screen. You don’t have to buy music from iTunes to add it to it. Get your music from where ever you like. It just has got to go into the iTunes software to make it onto your iPod… Did I mention that I sold MP3 players for a year at Best Buy. Trust me when I say it is easy and ANYONE can do it. Have fun with your new toy.

    P.s. – I forgot to mention that iTunes will convert almost any format into the format it likes so don’t worry to much if you have WMA’s or anything of the sort :)

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