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How do you get music on ipod touch?

Question by : How do you get music on ipod touch?
I want to get a ipod touch but im afraid i wont know how to put music on it. I would like every single step on how to do it. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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Answer by David
Materials: Digital music, computer, iTunes 10.1 or later, iPod Touch, connection cable, USB port 2.0 or higher.
(In this order) Download iTunes to your computer from the apple website at www.apple.com/itunes. It’s a free download and all you do is click on the big blue ‘Download iTunes’ button. Once it’s on your computer, go through the steps of setting it up. It’s not hard. Next, import your music from the external source (i.e. flash drive) to iTunes by copying the music to your computer’s hard drive, then going into iTunes, select the File menu, Add to Library… Then choose the music and click import. Next, plug in the iPod, select it on the right. On the tabs, go to Music. Then select which songs you want to import, or just ‘Import entire library’. Next, apply the setting by clicking ‘Apply’ towards the bottom of the screen. Then sync your iPod in the same manner. To access the music on your iPod, tap the music app, tap the song, enjoy. Easy.

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