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How do I move music from ipod to itunes?

Question by sauceatffa: How do I move music from ipod to itunes?
My laptop was stolen, I have a new laptop with itunes installed. I want to transfer my ipod music back to itunes. How do I do it??

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Answer by racin4slips
Sycning content from the iPod to the computer is not a possibility unless you obtain software other than iTunes. You can check out the URL listed below and see if it helps. One recommendation is to try and stay away from freeware as these software’s sometimes put a virus on your computer. Good Luck


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  1. sweetheart5839
    May 18th, 2013 at 07:39 | #1

    I use a program called iPod rip. It has a free trial that i used and decided to buy. Its fairly easy to use. Just search for ipod rip. But you cant just use itunes to rip the music. Although you should be able to plug it in and listen to your music to hold you over.
    Good Luck!

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