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How do I add shows onto my iPod Touch?

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Question by MELZ: How do I add shows onto my iPod Touch?
I got a iPod touch for Christmas, I have songs and all but I downloaded a show from itunes but I have no idea how to watch it on my iPod. Please help!

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Answer by rtdolfan
Is the show you have in your Music Library? If so then it is Easy to do.

When you plug in to your computer the Ipod should start to sync. And I tunes will pop up too.

look to the menu on the left and click on your ipod. The screen you should see will show your Ipod with a bunch of Tabs above it. You need to click on the TV shows tab and see if you can find your show. Click on the button that says Sync and the one that says selected shows. Then click on the TV shows you want loaded on your Ipod. After that you just hit the Sync button in the lower left hand side. That should put those TV shows on your IPOD Touch.. and you do the same thing for Movies, and Music Videos. Just make sure you video files are in the MUSIC Folder they belong in.

Hope this helps

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