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How can I get my music off my iPod Touch?

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Question by Joseph Ortiz: How can I get my music off my iPod Touch?
Well, I have a jail breaked iPod Touch, and recently my dad deleted my computer hard drive and I was so stupid not to remember to put all my music to a flash drive and have it stored. I have searched on google and I have tried so hard to find a really easy way of getting my music from my iPod, I really need help and I really want music off my iPod. I have some rare songs from real player that I downloaded. I really don’t trust any of these webs sites, I’m scared and I’ll probably cry if everything gets deleted. Will you guys please help me?
Also Cuscoft worked but I need all of my songs, I can’t afford to buy the real one, I need a free one! D:

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Answer by John B
You need iPod to PC Transfer to transfer your songs/videos to computer,try Cucusoft iPod/iPhone to computer Transfer,
it is a very handy tool for windows user to transfer music songs, playlists, video files
and more from ipod to computer. Download at http://www.mp3dvdsoft.com/ipodtopctransfer

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  1. clirssco
    February 12th, 2014 at 07:57 | #1

    All you have to do is transfer the music you have on your ipod to your library. That way when all your music in your ipod is deleted , you’ll have a safe copy of your content on you computer.
    You need a iPod to computer transfer to help you backup all the things on your ipod to your computer.

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