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How can I download music from Youtube to my Ipod touch 4th generation?

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Question by dona: How can I download music from Youtube to my Ipod touch 4th generation?
I have got a i pod touch but i don’t know how to download music from youtube to my ipod so please help..

Thank you

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Answer by austin
Alright first you need to understand that this method can be interpreted as pirating so use at your own risk. I use it often and nothings happened but i thought id let you know. now the first thing you need to do is copy and paste this address into your address bar near the top of your browser “works on anything but i prefer googlechrome for this” http://www.youtube-mp3.org/, also just for the record i’ve never gotten viruses and you do not have to download the program only the song, now once you have that page open, open another tab “ctrl T” and go to youtube and find the song you want to download “make sure it is a lyric video or other video where there is no audio imperfections such as big gaps at the start or end of the song or any other voices or noises you don’t want because you will get the exact audio that is on the video!!!!!!!!” now copy the address of your youtube video and click on the youtube-mp3 tab and paste the address into the bar towards the top of the screen after deleting the sample youtube video that is already there. after you have pasted your video into the bar click the “convert video” button directly under the search bar after that is completed go into your documents “my documents tab” in your start menu and make sure your video is in the “downloads” folder. next you may close out of the converter and the youtube tabs.now open itunes and up in the top left corner click file “add file to library” and a box will open click documents and then downloads when the box reloads and double click on the song file you just downloaded. the song will now be at or towards the bottom of the music tab in your library’s section and can be dragged and dropped into your iPod! The song will be in your unknown folder under artists or in alphabetical order by the first letter of the name of the file.

Works on any iPod.

And if you need instructions on how to put the same songs you have already downloaded onto mp3′s just message me and ill tell you how to move the same download file onto that to.

have fun :P and one last thing there are a select few songs that the converter will not download due to security the creator of the video put there BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT DOESN’T WORK IT JUST MIGHT NOT WORK ON THAT SPECIFIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!! alright bye :)

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