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How Can I Download Music From My Computer To My Ipod Touch?

Question by Bryannah: How Can I Download Music From My Computer To My Ipod Touch?
I really want some songs from my computer on my Ipod touch.
I don’t know how.

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Answer by Bella <3
Import the songs on your computer to i-tunes then when you connect your ipod it will automatically sync.

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  1. Mercer
    March 26th, 2014 at 19:44 | #1

    1st download itunes vip and the only safe way and 2nd import music or go to this site dilandau.com and then get youre free songs and then connect youre ipodtouch and let itunes download songs or else that will be like hell and it’ll be screwed i know i spend all time on itunes

  2. Dinky
    March 26th, 2014 at 20:05 | #2

    Firstly, download iTunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ . Then add your music to your iTunes library by selecting “Add file to library” from the File menu. Once that’s finished, connect your iPod to your computer with the USB cable supplied with your iPod. Lastly, sync the two devices.

    You may be prompted to update your firmware (iOS Version), so do it, filly.

    I recommend downloading your music from the iTunes Store, because it’s secure, easy, and legal.

  3. VerizonFreak
    March 26th, 2014 at 21:05 | #3

    As long as you have iTunes installed on your computer you are able to download songs to your iPod Touch. When you connect your iPod to your computer using Apple’s USB cord, you’ll eventually see a pop-up on the screen confirming that your iPod is connected, it may also mention what version from Apple that your iPod is currently updated to.
    If you want to continue and download the latest version from Apple (i know that iOS5 is coming soon!) then you can do so. It is free.
    iTunes should then open up after the pop-up is completed. Using the songs in your music library, you can create playlists. After you create your playlists, click on where the icon is of your iPod at the left side of the screen (near the neutral lightning bolt) and a whole menu of your iPod will come up on the screen. Click on the tab where it says “Music”, then check off which playlists you want on your iPod, (most people download all playlists depending on how much storage their iPod holds) then look down at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and there should be a button to press where it says “download”. Wait for your iPod to download your playlists and to go through any other necessary things in which your iPod will commonly do when downloading any content to your iPod.

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