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Downloading songs for my Ipod Touch ?

February 20th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Question by Matt: Downloading songs for my Ipod Touch ?
I downloaded some songs off MiniNova but when i went to drag them into iTunes it said this file was not made for this iPod?
Do i not use mininova or is there a way of putting these song files on my iPod?
Sorry if its a silly question..
New to iPod’s.

Best answer:

Answer by lozcore99
Chances are those files you downloaded weren’t in an iPod compatible format, like .wma, a Windows Media Player-specific audio format.

If I were you, I would download a Bittorrent program like Azureus Vuze or uTorrent, and get your music/downloads from www.isohunt.com. I tend to find that all music on there is in .mp3 format and thus compatible for iPods.

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