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downloading music to ipod touch,HELP!!!!?

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Question by ‚ô¨Fantasymimi‚ô¨: downloading music to ipod touch,HELP!!!!?
I was wondering if their is a way that you can download free music to a ipod touch,like straight to it without syncing it to the computer and stuff besides buying stuff from itunes.

I mean to download the music straigh to the ipod,like for instance,say I clicked a download link on my ipod touch,I want it to download straight to the ipod but instead it just lets me lsten to them instead of download them on quickplayer.

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Answer by Music King
There are many music download sites and software, but the best FREE and SAFEST site/software I have used is Nexus Radio: http://www.nexusradio.com

It is 100% free and they have a bunch of music you can search and download. I have not found any other free or paid software that has as many features as Nexus Radio.

I have been using it for over a year without any problems.

PS: Never use limeWire, FrostWire, or BearShare…those networks are riddled with viruses and are heavily monitored for copyright infringement.

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  1. kettle
    February 27th, 2014 at 19:12 | #1

    of course you can!!!! What i do is, download the songs i want from a sharing program like limewire, u can change the download destination folder in options somewhere so all ur music is together, when u know where ur music is dowloading to. Go into itunes and go, file, import folder, or import file, then click on the music u want in itunes, the syn ur ipod and it ready to go!!!

    or….ur limewire and itunes may auto talk to each other and set up a lime wire folder in itunes which mine has done, this is very handy as it put everything i download off limewire straight into my itunes library,

    hope this helped

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