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downloading for ipod touches?

Question by dudeboy11221: downloading for ipod touches?
i am hoping to get an ipod touch for christmas but i got a few questions

1) is downloading music free?
2) is downloading apps and games free?
3) what else can u do on ur ipod touch besides music?

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Answer by C R R
1. no, if you have music, then yes, its free, but buying music costs (typically 0.99 cents per song.)
2. some. there are many free apps and games, but some cost (once again, most are 0.99 cents)
3. well, whatever you choose to put on with apps! there’s the internet (you need some wi-fi), and there are many more apps, such as games and much more

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  1. nvpizzite
    June 14th, 2014 at 07:25 | #1

    1) 99 cents per song
    2)a lot of apps are free, but usually they are just trial ones so you can play only a limited amount of the game. most of them are very inexpensive and good ones are under $ 5. i try not spend more than that. my personal favorite app is the facebook app, which is free.
    3) there is internet which is lightning fast (you need a wi fi connection, this is the only way to get the internet on your ipod touch). you can put photos on and look at them, you can sync your email accounts and get email, whenever you have a wifi connection. youtube is also another solid feature in the ipod touch, again you need wifi but it is very cool. and alos in safari you can watch videos that are online becuase the ipod uses quicktime.

  2. Bomber
    June 14th, 2014 at 08:13 | #2

    you need to download itunes first

    1. yes but you have to get it from frostwire. frostwire.com
    2. some apps and games are free from the itunes store but they are only samples, the real ones are just a few dollars.

    the ipod touch also has
    Web browser
    Road maps
    stock reports
    and apps and games

    Nate – limewire is not illegal you dickhead!
    file sharing is LEGAL, using the files for commercial use is illegal, get a brain!

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