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Can I still Get My ipod Music?

Question by swift: Can I still Get My ipod Music?
ON my laptop I HAD limewire and itunes.

So i had to reinstall my laptop because of some problem and now i’m wondering with that CD we get with the ipod or somethin will help, we i’m asking can i still get my music some how from my ipod(old music before reinstalling) to my laptop now.

If u do not understand i’m asking can i get my music and videos from my ipod onto my laptop without erasing them?

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Answer by Amy Lynn
well, if u don’t want to re-download the song from itunes or limewire, you can reinstal your itunes library and hook up your ipod. if the songs on your ipod are still there, they sould immediatly be trasfered to your library. good luck!

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  1. nascar24
    March 16th, 2014 at 19:30 | #1

    i belive you can with buying this program. whatever you do do not plug in your ipod untill you know what you are doing.

    i cant seem to find it online, but Target store carries it. just look in the computer section.

  2. Geoff L
    March 16th, 2014 at 20:00 | #2

    First of all, there is a freeware program called iDump (see link below) which will allow you to copy music off of your iPod onto your new laptop. However, the file names will be based on the tags in the music, and may not reflect the original file names.

    The following explanation tells how you can do manually what iDump does. The process leaves a little bit to be desired. When you plug your iPod in to the computer and go to it as a hard drive, you will see either 4 or 5 directories. The 4 that you will definitely see are: Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Photos. There is a fifth directory called iPod_Control, which is marked as a “hidden” directory, so you will have to make sure that you can view hidden files with your file browser (check the View tab for “Hidden files & folders” if you are using Windows Explorer).

    In the iPod_Control directory, there are 5 more directories: Accessories (which is not hidden), and Artwork, Device, iTunes, and Music (which are all hidden). Under the Music directory are a few more directories in which you will find lots of audio files with strange names. It looks like, when you transfer music onto you iPod, the audio file is renamed, and an entry is made in a database (presumably in the iTunes directory) to connect the new name with the original name for the iPod. You can copy the audio files out of the Music directory as you would normally copy files, but you will have to rename the files yourself.

    Now if I could only figure out how to get the Playlist information…

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