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Can i download music on my ipod touch?

Question by alyssa: Can i download music on my ipod touch?
so my laptops broke so i cant add any new songs, and i dont have enough money for an itunes card. is there a way to download songs from my ipod and have them in my music library. i dont want like one of those apps that its just a playlist i want them on mu actual ipod. sorry if that was confusing! thanks!

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Answer by Angel
Yea use the iTunes app on your iPod touch and download songs from there, as long as you already have all the credit card information entered, all you would have to do is put in your password for your Apple ID. And you need to have Wi-Fi on your iPod for that.

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  1. KateLovesHPandGlee
    May 5th, 2014 at 07:46 | #1

    Not unless you go to the iTunes app.
    Or the Pandora app, which is free and INCREDIBLE. (Trust me.)
    The iTunes store has a free song every week, as does Starbucks. (In the store)
    Sorry I couldn’t help more!

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