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All my music on my ipod touch had turned to other! HELP?

Question by : All my music on my ipod touch had turned to other! HELP?
For some reason my jail broken ipod touch has changed all my music files to other. When i SSH into the music files are still there but i can’t listen to them.
Is there any way of fixing this, because i don’t want to have to restore my ipod.

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Answer by kaoru
ok, i think i had a similar thing happen to me. so this is wat i did.
Plug your iPod touch into you computer but instead of going to ‘iTunes’, go to ‘My Computer’. Right click your iPod icon and click ‘open’. Now in the top bar it should say something along the lines of (this is wat mine says) ‘Computer YUUKI (D:)’. Click the icon at the beginning of the bar and it should highlight the ‘(D:)’. Press the right arrow and write in front of that ‘iPod_Control/music/’ and then any of these: F00, F01, F02, F03, F04 or F05. (please note that only the ‘F’ is a letter and the last two are numbers) Now, each FXX is a folder with your music in. Now, right click one and click open with, browse and then choose iTunes!
You may have to do this for all of them, if you select them all, it doesn’t come up with ‘Open with…’ as an option when you right click.

I hope this helps you!!

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  1. man290663@btinternet.com
    March 9th, 2014 at 07:49 | #1

    its the jailbreak!! its corrupted the files which it does in over 75% of cases you need to try to restore it using the original firmware you backed up using itunes-.

    but There is a risk you brick the unit!! Thats why its a BAD idea to jailbreak its fine while it works but it also corrupts the ipod and restoring has a 50:50 chance of killing it forever.

    on jailbreaking WHY?

    Cydia,QuikPwn (and other jailbreaks) have cause more problems for people than its worth.. (I never jailbreak but buy apps like Air sharing to enable limited disk use) as the only other extra is unapproved apps and background wallpapers (which are distracting).

    NEVER JAILBREAK! It causes so many problems and yet adds nearly nothing! here is only 25% chance of success with 50% chance of killing it. and any attempt voids any warranty you have! Once you have jailbroken an ipod you are then stuck with jailbreak apps as you can no longer add official Apps (or protected music) to the ipod as itunes will NOT recognise it as an official ipod.

    the 2.2 software from apple is stable and works well and lets you add hundreds of apps (many free) from the itunes App Store, many with features available in jailbroken items.

    Jail breaking became redundant when the 2.0 software was released as it add almost nothing to the ipods abilities (other than the ability to browse its file structure which also makes it less secure).

    Jail breaking also voids the warranty and does cause many issues form files vanishing, memory leaks and loss, rebooting and even failing to boot.

    Jailbroken ipods cause so many problems (just search on here for them). It alters the boot code so its not really an ipod at all.

    Best option is to remove the jailbreak by restoring the ipod on your computer but NOT connected to internet and make sure you have a full power 500MA USB2 port as low power laptop ports can cause the restore to fail and kill the ipod. So… with itunes running reset your ipod (menu and centre key held until screen goes blank with dark apple logo). then as soon as the screen lights up connect it to computer. (if touch its the home and power key until screen goes black /apple).

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