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Hey guys,

Thanks for visiting. I am Bob as you may know by now and I own this blog.

I live in Arlington, MA, USA with my parents, siblings and my pet dog, Fido.

Well, I created this blog because I know that many iPod touch fans love music like myself. It’s not easy to find a place to download music. Well, you may think that there are many torrent sites that offer free music. But is it really the best option?

My buddies and I did try to download from torrent sites and some so-called free download sites and what did we get in the end? Many of them are either poor quality copies or they are incomplete. It was a total waste of our time. And we had to search for hours before we could get the songs and music videos we wanted. That’s bad!

And there were a few occasions when my buddies’ iPod touch got corrupted because of some nasty adware and virus they downloaded.

We decided to try out some of the membership sites online and managed to find a really good one. If you are interested, you can find it here: iPod Touch Music Downloads

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