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Top Tips About Loading Ipod Music

July 31st, 2012 No comments

Look around and I bet you see at least one iPod. These little devices hold hours of audio including music. It makes it convenient to have because you can listen to your favorite music as well as a favorite show. All you need to know is the loading iPod music or audio process.

There are different services that offer music for your iPod. There is Apple download service known as iTunes. It is found at The program itself is downloaded for free while the items for download are only available for purchase. Other audio items available are videos, books and TV shows. Nevertheless, it is not a requirement to use this service. There are other options as well that cost less. Loading iPod music with this system can cost up to $ 30 with various prices in between down to a dollar. Most of the music on iTunes costs 99 cents a song. It is convenient because you can download an entire album for the set price or choose your favorite songs from the album. This can save money because you do not purchase a song you do not like.

Memberships are an option. These are sites that require a small fee for lifetime membership. Instead of purchasing each item separately such as with iTunes you pay the membership fee then have unlimited downloads. Another program has downloads available for a monthly fee. You pay the fee and for a month you have unlimited downloads with the site. Then if you want to use it another month there will be another monthly fee. Many of these sites are located on the internet. A precaution is to check the fine print before committing. Also, make sure the site will offer what you want. It will not be worth it if it only has music you will never listen to and would not want to load onto your iPod.

There are some sites that have free downloads. It might be a limited offer. Others may offer free downloads, but they might not be good quality and might even harm your computer or iPod. Just keep that in mind when considering a free download.

Start loading iPod music by inserting the cord that comes with the iPod into the computer USB port. Everything is right there for you to help make the process easy. Music downloads quickly on whatever program you are using, especially if you have high speed internet. Then you can add your music to your iPod, but still have it saved to your loading program. That means you can take it off the iPod, but still have a copy so you can put it back on some other time.

You can also add music from CDs you already own. Place the CD into your computer CD drive. A program shows up allowing you to click on the song and place it in your iPod music folder. It will then be able to be placed on your iPod and still remain on your CD.

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Free Ipod Touch Music?

July 30th, 2012 2 comments

Question by leema288: Free Ipod Touch Music?
I am looking for free music. My ipod touch is 2nd gen. I had ares but it gave me a virus. And does it have good music? Please answer.

Best answer:

Answer by Dachshundluver
Hi I way u can get free music is by 1st asking one of your friends to gift u music by doing tht u don’t have 2 pay!!
P.S. THANK U SOOOO MUCH for answering my question also hope this helps and I added u 2 my contacts

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New Music Songs – Free Download Mp3 Movie Song

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New Music Songs – Free Download Mp3 Movie Song - Download Music From The Net

Music has been a part of the human civilization and every soul has its concede generation to tell. It is onliest of the oldest forms of entertainment the world has ever known and it is as popular as ever. melody today has reached new heights. Visit to here -

With the advent of technology, folk has been made additional accessible to more people from different parts of the globe. The internet is a leading source where people can download music. Mp3 music formats are commonly known and downloading mp3 melody files has been one of the most loved online activities by many.Online hymn stores or those we call music download sites have earned billions of dollars considering its birth connections the World abyssal lattice.

The profit from these sites even escalated dramatically go underground the invention of mp3 mobile phones and mp3 modern again cd players. ITunes is known to provide a fulfill register of the best music in our generation and Apple’s iPod further enhanced the reputation of mp3 files. These are but some of the reasons that have inclined music lovers to download music from the internet. Technology besides classical have proven to be one dynamic combination.

There are a subterranean divergence of online music stores to choose from but some are not as good as the better known and consumer-tested strain sites. The speed money downloading mp3 files is a big growth- the faster, the choice. Download speeds depend on the types of hardware your computer or laptop has but good download make easy depends greatly on the program being used by music download sites. If you want to acquisition reliable information about a site’s forward when you download music, find comments by real members of these download sites. An effective accession to whack a site’s speed is to pay for one mp3 heavy metal download superlative. If you are satisfied keep from the speed, you may register as member again choose your subscription plan as you please.
Online soul stores are in for some tough completion with each single.

They believe various offers, features, perks and rates to entice every visitor besides to keep void customers. You be cognizant finer what appeals to you most. One of the most attractive offers these sites have is the unlimited download music feature when you sign for one-time dull rate subscription. We further suggest that you check the credibility and stability of an online music store that you like. An online swing store shield alive with features such as free wallpaper downloads again video downloads that trial with your subscription may not stand for the best download site.

There are unruffled manifold online rock-and-roll stores that are ulterior as near in the internet but are just plagued with computer viruses besides violence. Although the soul industry shroud the help of the government is always on its toes to catch illegal sites where one can download music due to free, many illegal sites civil exist and you don’t to touch yourself with these companies. Downloading music is fun, but it could be matched more fun due to anyone if it’s recognized New Music Songs – Free Download Mp3 Movie Song - Download Music From The Net.


Is there a app for my iPod touch where I can listen to my iPod touch music through my car and if so what is it?

July 29th, 2012 No comments

Question by : Is there a app for my iPod touch where I can listen to my iPod touch music through my car and if so what is it?

Best answer:

Answer by Kevin
as far as i know there is no app but if your car has a tape player you can go to best buy and get a hook up for it.

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App for music in iPod touch or iPhone jailbroken?

July 28th, 2012 No comments

Question by : App for music in iPod touch or iPhone jailbroken?
Hello I have a jailbroken iPod touch and I have this App is call MXTUBE is a very good for downloading videos from YouTube but the problem is that if your listening to music or waching a video in MXTUBE and go to the home screen the music is going to stop, does someone know a tweak or something to keep the music playing in the home screen or lockscreen.

Best answer:

Answer by Blue Mars
That’s illegal

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Does anyone know how to set an auto-shutoff time for music on iPod Touch?

July 27th, 2012 No comments

Question by NeverMind888: Does anyone know how to set an auto-shutoff time for music on iPod Touch?
It’s 4th generation if that matters. But basically I just want to be able to fall asleep listening to music, and know that it will stop playing on its own.


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iPod touch music problem?

July 25th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Da Man J: iPod touch music problem?
i have a jailbroken ipt3g by use of spirit. i resently deleted voice memo and stocks using i file. everything was fine for a day or 2. now when i listen to my music using the ipod music app, when i press the home button to go to my home screen to view and use my other apps the music shuts off and i cant listen to it while playing my games. can anyone help me because i dont want to restore my ipod again.

Best answer:

Answer by cody
dont know bro all i can say is restore it

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