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Download Free Music Straight From Your Iphone, Ipod Touch, and Ipad

May 31st, 2012 18 comments

Download Free Music Straight From Your Iphone, Ipod Touch, and Ipad

This is a quick video to show you the best way to download music for free right from on your IOS device. Website for free music:
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iPod Touch or iPhone?

May 30th, 2012 No comments

Christmas is around the corner and either you are trying to decide what piece of new technology you want for yourself or to buy another. In that, maybe you are weighing out whether to invest in the new Apple iPhone or just purchase the iPod Touch. After all, both are quite similar and run the same cool apps. So what is the difference?

Of course, to start comparing would mean to identify which model of each you are comparing to the other. So, for arguments sake, let’s compare the newest of each model.

The biggest difference between the iPod Touch and iPhone is the fact the iPod Touch is not a phone. This can be either good or bad. If you already have a cell phone contract that doesn’t expire for a while and have a quality cell phone, this can be good. You don’t need the phone portion anyway. The iPod Touch is considerably cheaper than the iPhone too and maybe this is why so many people are asking the question regarding which device to buy in the first place.

Maybe the bigger question is, can I buy the iPod Touch and have just as much fun with the applications as the iPhone? This also depends.

The iPod Touch does not come with GPS or data connectivity such as 3G. Without the phone, iPod Touch of course does not come with instant messaging but you can use a third party application such as AIM to receive instant messaging. As a side-note, you can also use Skype for making phone calls. The only thing you will need to use these two services is a Wi-Fi connection and a remote microphone and earphones.

The iPod Touch is not only cheaper to purchase on the front end, but you are also not obligated to sign a two year contract with a carrier and phone fees. Because the iPod Touch is cheaper, Apple does make you pay for software updates, which would normally come for free with your iPhone.

While the gap between the iPod Touch and iPhone was much larger in the past, today with the fourth-generation iPod Touch, the two devices are much more alike than ever. Now, the iPod Touch includes a front-facing camera for FaceTime, and a rear camera for taking pictures. It also includes a high-definition video. While the resolution is not as high in the iPod Touch, at least there is now a camera. (iPhone can take 1936 x 2592 px images while the Touch is at 960 x 720 px)

So which to choose? If you are ready to sign a new cell phone contract then iPhone might be a good choice. Paying an extra $ 30 a month for 3G access for your iPhone does offer you a lot of convenience. You virtually have Internet everywhere you go, not to mention your phone, music and applications are all in one device. With the iPhone you can also take advantage of apps that have built in mapping systems and GPS. There are numerous apps that can help determine where you are and then provide you with information regarding the closest restaurants, types of restaurants or even directions for driving or walking. One could not use these apps obviously with the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch also does not have speakers or a microphone built in, but, you can buy them as an add-on. But, for the sake of argument, without a built-in microphone you cannot speak into your device for apps such as voice command or song-finder Midomi. (Midomi can find the name of a song or the performer simply by having you hum the song into the software or even placing a song playing on a radio in front of your device)

What other apps would one not be able to use without GPS, a phone, microphone, speakers and a high-resolution camera? Google Goggles would be out – this software depends upon a high quality photographic image for identification or research.

One could not use LingvoSoft’s Phrasebook. This app allows you to translate spoken phrases into your language. Let’s say you are visiting another country, somebody says a phrase to you that you don’t understand – need a translator? Simply have that person speak into this app and voila!.

There are probably many other applications that are quite popular and enjoyed that may not translate over to the iPod Touch due to some of its differences from the iPhone, but there are also over a thousand other apps that can be used by both devices. It will all depend on what you are seeking or want.

The iPod Touch is also suggested for those who don’t want a full-blown computer, such as a laptop and who are also not very techy. The Touch is much easier to maneuver.

So which will it be for you or your loved ones this holiday season?

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iPod Docking Station – Music all the way

May 29th, 2012 No comments

The current times are the times of technology advancements with many people using the latest of iPods and iPhones. Add to that the need or joy of listening to ones favorite music on the same which helps many in enjoying and distressing from the day’swork or to just enjoy a song. Though listening to ones favorite through a headphone all the time can be very frustrating at times which bring to fore iPod docking stations. . It is space effective while being compact and portable which makes for the best feature of an iPod dock.

The iPod docking station is equal to having a must have accessory which allows the iPod listener to enjoy and play the music devoid of interruption from almost anywhere you want.All one needs to do is to plug in the iPod in and listen through the portable speakers.

While listening to a music track through headphones can be a hassle especially when one is cooking or cleaning plus falling ear plugs cause lot of interruption.

Thus by listening to your music through the iPod Dock, itgives you the perfect way of sharing your music with your friends and family. The docking station also helps in keeping the iPod safe and protected against any possibility of harm caused via a fall or carelessness.

It is also well suited to meet the need of those people who travel frequently and are concerned with space issues then iPod docking station is the best as it is compact and portable. These docking stations apart from being excellent music players also serve as alarm clock, which act as the best way of waking up to a melodious song thereby having a perfect start to a day.

There are many iPod docking stations which charge the iPod while it plays the music. This acts as a very useful tool while being simple as it looks. This is a very awesome technique asone is not required to charge the iPod as it gets charged automatically.

It can be well said that iPod docking stations are definitely and iPod accessory which can be used by any iPod owner to enhance the feel and joy of listening to one’s music.

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How To Get Free Apps on Your Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch

May 29th, 2012 15 comments

This video will show you how to get free apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch. YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS WITH A JAILBROKEN IPOD OR IPHONE!!! Here is the source you will need:
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Top 15 Cydia Tweaks iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad – April 2011 Part 2

May 28th, 2012 No comments

If you didnt already, check out my top 15 tweaks april part 1: Get all of these for free by adding the sources I tell you in the video. For all of those lazy people here is the list: 1.Flipover – flip over your device and sleeps and/or mutes iDevice 2.Gesture Control – Multitouch Gestures 3.Quickscroll – easy and quick scrolling on springboard, safari, etc. 4.Multifl0w – slicker way of viewing multitasked apps 5.iWhiteBoard – draw over your device: springboard, any apps, lockscreen 6. Synchronicity – use device while syncing(will lag) 7.ListLauncher – Have all of your apps in a list on spotlight search page 8.Action Menu – more actions like look up, translate, shrink url…etc. 9.Bigify – change size, rotation, transparency of icons. 10.Color Keyboard – custom keyboards 11.YoutubeToMp3 – convert youtube videos to mp3 files 12.Color Mail Labels – easier way to see all of your emails with diff accounts 13. Pandora Skip Hack v3.1.8 – no limit to skipping pandora radio songs 14. Covert – private browsing for device….why would you want that?? 15. Backboard – back up your springboard.
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Sn0wbreeze Jailbreak 5.1 / 5.0.1 / 4.3.3 Firmware iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

May 28th, 2012 15 comments

Download NEW Sn0wbreeze V2.9.3 For all Apple Firmware Downloads NEW 5.1.1 Jailbreak Video: Snowbreeze Supports the following devices: * iPhone 3G/3G[S]/4 * iPod Touch 2G/3G/4 * iPad ✓ For more updates and help come follow me on twitter.
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GarageBand for iPhone and iPod touch

May 27th, 2012 24 comments

GarageBand for iPhone and iPod touch In this video I review GarageBand for the iPhone and iPod touch. This application allows you to make music on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3G and iPod touch 4G. It comes with several instruments including bass, drums, keyboard, guitar and much more and is a universal app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can also sync project files from the iOS version of GarageBand to the Mac OS X GarageBand.duncan33303 is a technology based YouTube channel that focuses on a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, game consoles as well as the weekly show D3Live. Subscribe! Merch Store! Follow on Twitter! Check me out on Facebook! Channel Link My website! Tags garageband iphone ipod touch review iphone 4s iphone 3gs iphone 4 ipod touch 3g ipod touch 4g demo how to music bass drums song mac ipad app store duncan33303 d3live austin evans d3enterprises state of jailbreak
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