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iPod Touch 16 GB Review

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If you’re interested in an iphone, and you must have it all, the Apple iPod Touch 16 GB is a must get. Here’s why: Apple has just offered you a second generation version that gives more value for your money. What a great iphone. Its a shame it doesn’t actually come with the “phone” part. But you won’t be disappointed.

It’s fair to say that it’s very much like its predecessor – the 3.5 inch touch screen is still the same and many of the internal functions haven’t changed, but it comes with several subtle improvements that differentiate it, especially to the iPod enthusiast. The most obvious is the new volume buttons on side of the touch screen, and even more notable, an external speaker to make sure that you get better sound quality. It weighs negligibly less than the predecessor (.15 of an ounce), but the looks are definitely different – it slimmer and feels easier to on the hand.

Get ready to load the iTunes V8 right away – without it, you cannot communicate with the touch.

Features · You can use web based tools with the Apple iPod Touch 16 GB because its internet enabled.

You can connect to any wireless network. You’ll be able to surf and check mail.

· It has a funky new gadget called an ambient light sensor that will sense the light intensity in the room when the iPod is switched on and then adjust the brightness/contrast and image accordingly. This means that you battery will go for longer.

· If you enable iTunes V8, you can enjoy using the Genius to create your play lists and navigate through your music.

· Much requested on a newer model was the Nike+iPod software and the Apple iPod Touch 16 GB has it. It will now capture vital data as you work out, and at no extra cost like previous models.

All you need to do is attach the sensor to your shoe.

· Though it’s hard to point out just what Apple changed, it looks like a much sturdier phone than previous models.


· You get much better audio output with the additional speaker. The speaker is conveniently located just where your fingers can reach it, although hard to locate on the touch. Don’t be looking to compare the sound quality with the iPhone though. If you want the best sound quality that Apple has to offer though, you’re better off looking at the iPhone.

· The battery life is far longer then in previous models – when it’s fully charged, you get a playback time of 36 hours. This is not bad considering how much it can do – most multi-functional touch screen phones have a battery life that’s less than impressive.

The Long and short…

Like we said, it’s an iPhone minus the phone (and maybe great audio quality), but you are getting the best value you can for money really – you’ll be able to do everything that an iPhone can do except call. For an MP3 player that plays more than just music, you’re definitely getting yourself a great deal.

For more reviews and product information on the Apple iPod’s, visit please visit our website. Peter Walcott is the owner of The iPod Touch Store. If you’d like to contribute or leave a comment at The iPod Touch Store then please feel free to do so.

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Eigenharp Alpha. the future of music

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Have any one of you ever thought that why are there so many devices for listening the music. There is a reason to this and that is there are so many music lovers and on top of that music is a part of life to every one at some or the other part of the day every one is in to the rhythm of the music – that may be at work, that may be while driving, that may be on the way to the pit stop you have to go, that may be in the good times or in the bad times, that may be at home, that may be during any work. When music is so deeply a part of all of you than why to take up the tension of anything else and why not just take the best device that suits you best to listen to the music. Many have bought them , for them it is time to go for a switch over as at this Christmas eve you are getting the most lovable free and at great offers and discounts.

The most selling are the MP3 players and the cheap ipods as they are the best devices and they are most attractive and it may be any one these portable ones are the best for all and not just for few.

As all those who come in the above category are compatible to these devices. Of all this is MP3 there are some that are the best MP3 players to satisfy the want and the budget as that is true that the ipods are really expensive and they are also very very much proving in case of the quality. So taking the topic of best MP3 players back again that is the Samsung MP3 players and they are best as well there are more also like SONY and LG but you have to look to all and the one you like the most take that.

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iPod Help : How to Download Songs Onto an iPod Touch

April 29th, 2012 5 comments

iPod Help : How to Download Songs Onto an iPod Touch

In order to download songs onto an iPod touch, the first step is to get a WiFi connection so that the iPod is connected to the Internet. Go to the iTunes interface to search for music to download with help from a digital technology specialist in this free video on iPods and downloading songs. Expert: Christopher Rokosz Contact: Bio: Christopher Rokosz has been an actor, director and producer for more than two decades, and he is now the co-owner and executive producer of Rokosz Media Studios in St. Petersburg, Fla. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Download free music with itunes for your ipod

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If you download music often, you’ll likely want to keep the music library on your iPod up to date with the latest music you’ve added to your computer.(hot tips: copy music from ipod to computer) Sometimes though, it is difficult to remember the most recent music you have downloaded, or under which artist’s name it is located. Fortunately, Apple’s iTunes software application allows you to organize your library according to your most recent additions, making the process of finding and uploading the new tracks to your iPod simple.

iTunes Freebies

With millions of song downloads, the term “internet and music” can’t be separated from iTunes and the store. So, it’s natural that many people turn to iTunes to find (free) music.

There are lots of them that you can find there, listed under the menu iTunes Store’s Home –> FREE ON iTunes and because the iTunes Store has expanded their line of business, you can also get free videos and movies.

Strangely though, not all the freebies are listed there.

Getting an iTunes Account

Sadly, the freebies can only be downloaded by people with an iTunes account. This means that those who live in a country with no iTunes store (such as mine) cannot enjoy the goodies.

Free Download iTunes Songs Legally from Google

Google also provides some free iTunes songs to download. Just enter “free itunes songs” in the search bar, you will get millions of result. If you can not download the music successfully, you can try Video Downloader for Mac, it can detect all downloadable videos and audios automatically from various video sharing websites, then download the videos and audios within several minutes.

Other ways to Get Free iTunes Songs Legally

1. Download Free Music for iTunes from a CD

iTunes can import CD music in high quality. You can go to Preferences > Import Settings to select the quality settings. Then just insert your CD into computer’s CD/DVD player. Now you can import the music of the CD to iTunes for enjoying.

2. Transfer Music to iTunes from Local

This is the easiest way to download songs from your computer to iTunes library. Just click on File > Add to Library, and select the files you want to transfer to iTunes. If the music format is not supported by iTunes, please try Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, it can convert any video and audio format to iTunes format with ease.

More hot articles for apple user: how to transfer music from iphone to itunes, transfer songs from ipod to mac

I have been a freelance writer since 2003, specializing in computer and technology. His work has appeared on various online sites. I love fond of listening music with apple products and i am focusing on studying how to copy music from ipod to computer and how to transfer music from iphone to itunes.

Ipod Touch Jailbreak Spreads Over Everywhere

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Ipod touch is an unconventional method of modifying ones devices. Ipod is a kind of portable media player, designed and manufactured by Apple. Ipod was launched on October 23 in 2001. Apple ipod touch is in high demand for its ability to play music, movies ad applications. It is also famous for accessing high speed internet at any time and any where. Ipod touch is indeed a beautiful device but its manufacturer apple has restricted some of its high power potentiality by locking the firmware. The only way to have the full potentiality, high speed internet connection, installing custom application and downloading various ring tones is to dress your ipod touch with jailbreak. By using it you can you can remove all the restrictions of Apple firmware.

Jailbreak is used not only in ipod but also in iphone and ipad to access immense facilities. The work of a jailbreak depends on IOS operating system. Some think that using jailbreak is an illegal practice. But under Digital Copyright Millennium Act (DCMA), a US copyright law, using of jailbreak is legal. Ipod touch jailbreak is thus not illegal. It remains legal if all the downloading is made with payment. If this downloading is done at free of cost it becomes illegal.

To install jailbreak in ipod touch is not very difficult. You have to download the software to have this service in your ipod touch. Warranty period of jailbreak is also a sensitive matter. Unjailbreaking your ipod can also be done. Ipod touch jailbreak can customize the look of your ipod. Jailbreak can fix bug like mail application crashes. It can provide you with fuller disk access.

To have this service is not at all difficult now. It is relatively inexpensive. You can gather more information about Ipod touch jailbreak from internet. So, advance your ipod with this jailbreak service.

Ewan Hoisington is an expert who generally writes on such kinds of blogs which are primarily associated with providing information on a wide collection of Apple products, gadgets and software. The author also assists the gadget lovers by providing them with news and reviews on different Apple products.For more information visit Ipod touch jailbreak.

Ipod Touch: Musical Treasure To Feast Your Aural Senses

April 27th, 2012 No comments

Bored during exercising? Tired while travelling? Dreading that long flight or feel alone at somewhere? Well, you need not to fret any more. Wheeling through the markets these days, one can look for amazingly decked up MP3 player, Walkmans or iPods which promise you the hippest music. One such marvellous Gem is Apple iPod Touch.
With the Apple iPod Touch, users can enjoy music, videos, and photos applications, all at the palm of your hand. First of all, iPod Touch will charm you with its attractive looks that include a shiny, contoured, iPhone-esque rear and tapered edges packed in a very attractive sleek body. The new iPod touch is wafer-thin, yet packed with two clear picture cameras capable of recording in HD formats. 7.2mm thickness and a 3.5 inches wide touch screen flaunt a svelte looks to the device
Apple iPod Touch is indeed a much advanced Apple product, which is brewed with numerous interesting features like touch screen, YouTube, Wi-Fi music store and get map directions which makes it a real users delight.
Not only this, there is an 1GHz A4 chip again adopted from iPhone 4, which quadruples the speed of gaming and even track surfing.
To allure gaming freaks, a striking attribute is the gyroscope or three-axial system. In addition, the new MP3 player cum gaming powerhouse turns into a handsome shooting device with its frontal and rear video camera. The rear camera on the device is capable offer 1280 x 720 resolution during video recordings and the resolution becomes 960 x 720 during still photography.
Strengthened further by a strong battery life that can withstand for 40 hours in audio and 7 hours if recording clips, Apple iPod Touch is slowly melting every geeks heart today.

Available in 8 GB, 32GB and 64GB models, iPod Touch fits to everyones pocket. The 8GB model can store up-to 2000 songs, 32GB up-to 8000 songs, and 64GB up-to 14000 songs. A user has to pay Rs 21,100 for the 32 GB model, Rs 16,100 for the 16GB and Rs 12,800 for the entry-level 8GB model.
Are you still thinking? Try checking out the device personally.