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FingerBeat – Make Pocket Music! ( iPhone/ iPod )

December 31st, 2010 25 comments

FingerBeat. A pocket sampler designed for creativity & self-expression. Streamlined to be intuitive and immediate, FingerBeat aims to be a pick-up-and-play tool to quickly annotate beats and musical ideas but above all, have fun doing it! Use your intuition. You don’t require music school or instructions manual to figure it out. Let your imagination run free and your fingers will move the beat. Grab your own sounds using the microphone or use it to sing over your creations. Is this party boring? Just plug into stereo speakers and be the Master of Ceremonies. Your creations are automatically saved in the file slots and recalled upon exit for total immediacy, so you can just pick it up where you left off. A homage to Dance Music & Pop Culture from the last decades. A classic for absolutely everyone! Available for iPhone & iPod Touch ● Low latency pads ● Pocket 16bit Sampler using internal microphone or load from library. ● Import/Export via Wifi directly in OSX Finder or Windows Explorer / or USB cable via iTunes. ● Step Sequencer: Making beats is easy as drawing and tapping boxes to generate unique sequences. Each color is associated to each channel type of pad. ● x24 Pattern blocks ● Keyboard + Note Editor: While recording, the notes you play will immediately appear in the editor. Its easy to make changes and draw free-form to create / delete notes using your finger. ● Multi-Touch Mixer: FingerBeat is built for user experience & live performance. ● x8 Pads
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Locating Online Resources For Free Ipod Music

December 30th, 2010 No comments

Are you in love with the music world? Do you enjoy playing music on iPods and other media player devices? Sure! You need to discover a lot about free iPod music files and how to go about downloading them. Let’s find out as you read along.

The wonders of IPods

IPod devices invented by the Apple Company have really changed the way people listen to music. The wonders of the iPods are great. Today, you can easily download unique music files on your iPod. You can equally go for video files, games and other iPod touch applications. You’ll always have the entire music world on your palm when you make use of a quality iPod device. As the days go by, more sophisticated iPods have continued to grace the music universe.

Free music for your iPod

One of the benefits of having an iPod is that you can always enjoy free access to diverse music files. Free music for iPod abounds online. There are diverse genres to choose from. Latest music files are always available at your beck and call. You’re sure of securing an unlimited to access to various music resources online. Today, many music files are in form of unique iTunes. With a good iTunes organizer, you can easily manage the files on your iPod.

Online Resources for Free iPod music

There are thousands of online resources for free iPod music. You may even have serious confusion making the right choice of the website to use. In most cases, there are music sites that offer complete free access to all kinds of music files. There are also some other sites that may ask you to pay a one-time fee for membership. The choice is always yours to make. However, you need to be very careful with the particular music site you’re making use of.

Picking the right Music Resource

It’s always very vital to locate the right music resource for iPods downloads. There are thousands of music websites out there. You can’t just be jumping from one site to the other. You need to begin with popular music sites like iMesh, e-music and some others. Always pay attention to the details contained in the particular site you’re suing. Do your best to locate sites that are legally approved as reliable portals for free music download.

Enjoying Your Music Downloads

In order to enjoy your music download, you need to secure an unlimited access to download any kind of music files you need. It’s always better to register with a good music site. Oftentimes, you may be asked to sign up with a token fee. Once, you’ve done that, you’ll be given complete access to download all the music files you desire.

Indeed, free music for ipod comes in various categories. You can always locate them when you secure the right access from reliable music websites.

You can always download free music for ipod through a legal music site. Get your unlimited access to free ipod music by visiting

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Ipod music?

December 30th, 2010 5 comments

Question by JennyM: Ipod music?
Do I have to get all my music from ITunes if i want to put them on my ipod? and can I put on the music I already have in windows media player?

Best answer:

Answer by c g
I know I am a little off topic, but what do you think of electronic music nowdays?
I think Mp3s are the most popular music format out there..

I just found this site related to downloading MP3s right off the internet:

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How to get Free music on iPod/iPhone: WITHOUT iTunes

December 30th, 2010 25 comments Hey guys! today i will be showing you how to get completely free music onto your ipod touch or iphone without iTunes! Limewire= CopyTrans= How to get free music WITH itunes= visit my channel= twitter too! be sure to subscribe! ;) -i hope i help you, and dont forget to comment and rate! -thanks for watching. sincerely, iPawdTouch. Collab channel with my friends: PSN: iPawdTouch1 skype: ipawd-touch More tutorials on my channel. Peace!
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what is a website I can download free ipod touch music from?

December 30th, 2010 2 comments

Question by bayley: what is a website I can download free ipod touch music from?
Now that limewire isn’t working, i can not find a place to download free music for the ipod touch. Does anyone know a website that will work with one?

Best answer:

Answer by Josefina Pratz

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If I jailbreak my ipod touch, can I download movies and songs for free?

December 29th, 2010 2 comments

Hi, I have ipod touch 3.1.3
I know that you get free aps if you jailbreak it, but I wasn’t sure if you also get movies and songs for free.
I haven’t jailbreaken mine yet, so I was just asking you a question.

Thank you so much.

how do u download song on ur ipod touch with out for free?

December 29th, 2010 2 comments